Infrared Thermography

Consumers Choice Property Consultants provides infrared scanning services on any building-related problem such as leaky roofs (especially BURs), moisture penetration in building envelopes, and energy leakage from buildings. We also scan for hotspots in electro-mechanical systems such as machines, motors, compressors, electrical panels, and high voltage and transformer stations for preventive as well as predictive maintenance.

An infrared scanning camera.Infrared scanning is frequently used as a predicitive maintenance technique. It is important for large organizations such as utility companies, automotive plants, automotive parts manufacturers, hydro-electric companies, electric contractors, production lines, petrochemical plants, and steel plants.

Without proper inspection, electro-mechanical systems can cause huge problems. Shutting down of production lines, destruction of expensive equipment, and burning-down of property are just a handful things that can happen.

Infrared scanning can be applied to a building and its components, a manufacturing plant and its equipment, and has many other applications. Give us a call today, and we can show you how to make your property safer and more efficient!

Infrared for buildings

Infrared scanning for buildings includes low-slope roofing, building envelope, moisture penetration, EIFS, energy audits, radiant floor heating system, forensic investigation and others.

Wetness patern inside a covered wall.

Infrared for mechanical systems

Infrared scanning for mechanical systems includes motors, compressors, fans, HVAC equipment, steam lines, boilers, injection molding machines and other types of machinery.

Engine block.

Infrared for electrical systems

Infrared scanning for electrical systems includes overheating overload protection devices such as breakers, loose connections, worn contacts and others.

Hot circuit breaker!

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Infrared Thermography
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